Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Halloween 2011

Monday night at the Fillmore Ultra 5280 traveled back in timewith Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe to 1971. Their cover of The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers album, from front to back, had an interesting crowdgrooving to the funk-inspired rock and roll tunes.  Singer/songwriter, Anders Osborne, opened the show and laterjoined Karl Denson for his full set. Followed by Boulder natives Rose Hill Drive, the floor of the Fillmorestarted to shake a bit as they covered The Who’s album Who’s Next, getting the kids ready for an almost two-hour setby Karl and his crew.

AlthoughDenson’s Jagger dance moves looked slightly painful, he belted those familiarsongs and gave a funky twist on those that may have been skipped over on thealbum.  To kick things off, theband played a few original songs before playing “Brown Sugar”, the first songoff Sticky Fingers.  Crowd favorites such as Can’t You Hear Me Knocking” had everyone singing anddancing in crazy costumes.  Somefavorites were Edward Scissorhands, a couple PBR cans, the occasional zombie, aQueen of Hearts and a woman dressed like Michael Jackson; it was scary how muchshe looked like him!

Asthe evening went on, so did the party. The last song of the album, “Moonlight Mile” was not the finale; theband carried on with a few more original songs bringing the show to an endaround midnight.  All evening thestage was packed with incredibly talented musicians; Denson tore up the sax aswell as the flute; he put Ron Burgundy to shame!  If you ever have a chance to see him perform I wouldstrongly encourage it and if you haven’t yet, get your hands on the GreyboyAllstars album What Happened to Television?Denson’s other project he co-founded alongside DJ Greyboy; you won’t be able toskip a track.