First Look: Tyto Alba "Shadow Monster"

Tyto Alba (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

Filmed by Colin Anders of Slice Cinematics and edited by Danny DiMarchi, this lighthearted video shows the band gearing up and facing off against an opposing baseball team all consisting of members of other local Denver bands. The childlike energy of the video and music deceitfully contrasts the dark lyrical content in which the singer, Melanie Steinway, talks about her younger sister's downward spiral into heroine addiction, personified through a shadow monster, and the loss of childhood innocence.  

We are also super excited to share “Shadow Monster” the first single off their upcoming album. The band is set to kickoff off their tour and if you live in any of the cities below please come out and support this amazing band. Be sure to come out to Pon Pon tonight to see the video release and send the band off on their tour, we heard they will have some limited goodies.

First Listen: "Summer Vibes" ft. Levi Double U, Adiel Mitchell and Alex The Great

Artwork by Zak Kinsella

We love new music, especially when it’s from three of our favorite artist on one track. Coming in hot just to end your seasonal flow. You will remember Adiel Mitchell from our anniversary party and Levi Double U who is an amazing producer and has rocked a couple of our parties (He will be playing a Grandoozy after party known as AfterDoozy this weekend) and Alex The Great a Dallas artis who is on the rise.

Summer Vibes is a nostalgic upbeat track that reminds you to "Live it up." Reminiscing on the good times of growing up, the song recreates the care-free feelings of Summer. The song is a collaboration between Dallas Hip Hop artist Alex The Great, Denver-based R&B singer Adiel Mitchell, and Denver producer Levi Double U. Relive the nostalgia with Summer Vibes!

The song is also for purchase through several platforms click the link here and buy the hottest track of the season.

Our Adventures At Bumbershoot


Our Labor Day weekend saw us spend it in the Pacific Northwest once again as we had a chance to take in the long established Bumbershoot Festival. We were so impressed last year we decided to revisit and take in three days of amazing music, art, and culinary delights. This years lineup heavily favorited some of hip hops elders as well as the newer generation. Artist such as Lil Wayne, Ludacris, and T-Pain had us feeling nostalgic while main stage headliners J-Cole and SZA gave us a look at the future of the genre. The festival itself sits right in the middle of the Seattle Center making for easy access between stages set upon the picturesque Space Needle as the backdrop. With a variety of stages the festival sets itself apart from most with the lush views and unique sight-lines of the stages. B-Eats is also a huge draw as some of the city’s most renowned food spots are on hand to sample their delicious dishes. This years lineup was a mix of all genres that had crowds range from high schoolers to those elders who appreciated bands such as The Revolution and more. This is a festival we love and hope to return to again next year as it has become one of our favorites.

Day One Photos: Photo Credit: Robert Castro

Lil Wayne (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

Day Two Photos: Photo Credit: Robert Castro

T-Pain (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

Day Three Photos: Photo Credit: Robert Castro

Blondie (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

Macky D, Making Denver Extra Happy!

 Mac Demarco (Photo Credit: Coley Brown)

Mac Demarco (Photo Credit: Coley Brown)

Have you ever seen an episode of Trailer Park Boys? The boisterous Canadian comedy tv show is described on Wikipedia as a “mockumentary television series focused on the lives and misadventures of a group of trailer park residents, some of who are convicts.” Seeing Mac Demarco is like that, but to a wonderfully sentimental indie soundtrack.

Monday evening, surrounded by dad hats and rolled up blue jeans, Red Rocks may have only been 80% full, but the Macky D spirit was alive and well. I met kids as young as 16, and saw people waaaaay older than myself, which I always appreciate. If you know Mac Demarco’s music, you know it is way more introspective and sweet than his outward demeanor, so it was nice to see people who appreciate the music for what it is attending the live show. True to his often rowdy behavior, Mac caked some people in the crowd on behalf of a bandmate’s birthday (Steve Aoki style), gave a girl in the front row the microphone, to which she exclaimed she was on K to the crowd (hehe, oh Red Rocks), and layed down flat on his back to sing most of “My Kind of Woman”. A slowed down, mildy hilarious back and forth between a crowd who only half knew the words was genuine, fun, and interactive. How often does the crowd feel that the artist on stage could be their friend?

The setlist included newest songs from most recently released album This Old Dog(2017), but old boy knows his crowd, and knows his fans run deep, so he included fan favorites running back as far as 2(2012). Talk about a crowd pleaser! Also, maybe a personal bias, but choosing to finish with 2013 hit “Still Together” was really awesome to see! Plus, it was a wonderfully soft finish before the after show at Larimer Lounge, which frankly I only saw Instagram stories of, but looked much rowdier and lit as hell. Going back to the Trailer Park Boys, Mac Demarco is a sweet, talented, rowdy Canadian boy to the core, and it is truly an experience.

Noname opened for Mac Demarco and did an incredible job, warming the crowd up for the fun to come. Although a slightly strange combination in the lineup, the crowd seemed to be into everything involved, despite the difference in genre and general vibes. I would have liked to see the older EP era Noname, but really glad to see her saucy self nonetheless.

My only criticism towards this show has to be towards Red Rocks Ampitheathre itself, because despite being the most beautiful venue in the world, every time I attend, I am continuously disappointed by the sound, or rather the lack thereof. Every show would be better if the artist had the opportunity to let their music ring through the rocks as was the case only a few years ago.

 10/10 would recommend, y’all! Mac Demarco is continuously fun, talented, and always growing as an artist. If you get the chance, check him out!

Your Guide To Everything Grandoozy

The biggest weekend in music is about to invade Denver next weekend and we want to make sure you are prepared for all that is Grandoozy. The inaugural event is set to take place on the grounds of the Overland Golf Course on September 14, 15, and 16th. We want to provide you with a guide to help you get familiar with all that is being offered.

The Lineup:

As you can see the lineup boasts some of the best acts in music today, from the reigning king of hip hop Kendrick Lamar to Indie Rock Goddess Florence and The Machine and lastly the legendary Mr. Stevie Wonder. Throw in some of the best local acts and dj's and you have yourself the best selection of music a festival has to offer.

Devour Denver:

Devour the best of Denver at - well - Devour Denver (see, we can name things with regular words). Grandoozy’s food & drink program features the best bites from the high plains to the front range, led by a fearless team of Culinary Ambassadors - Adam Schlegel, Biju Thomas, Dana Faulk Query, Jeff Suskin, Justin Cucci, Carrie Baird, Jen Jasinski and Tommy Lee. Vegan or carnivore, sweet tooth or fry fanatic - tuck that napkin in and prepare for a fantastic culinary voyage.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 4.47.09 PM.png

Arts & Crafts

May we interest you in a whimsical, abstract sour? Perhaps you'd prefer the sharp, hoppy futurism of an IPA? Whatever your tastes, you'll find a delicious masterpiece at Arts & Crafts - Grandoozy's craft beer experience. Curated by Steve Kurowski of the Colorado Brewers Guild, it's the perfect place to sample some of the region’s finest breweries (plus plenty of variety from beyond the plains) while surrounded by beautiful local art.

Breweries: 10 Barrel Brewing Co. | 4 Noses Brewing | Breckenridge Brewery | Crazy Mountain Brewing Company | Elysian Brewing Company | Four Peaks Brewing Company | Golden Road Brewing | Left Hand Brewing | Lone Tree Brewing |O'dell Brewing Company | Oskar Blues Brewery | Platt Park Brewery | Ratio Beer Works | Ska Brewing | Spaten Oktoberfest | Stella Artois | Stem Ciders | Telluride Brewing Company | Wicked Weed Brewing

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 4.48.38 PM.png

Flight School:

Fasten your seatbelts and get in the spirit to be schooled by some of the best craft distillers from Colorado and beyond. With Denver’s Chad Michael George as our captain, we’ll be serving up flights ranging from smoky and barrel-aged to juniper and vanilla-baring, featuring bourbon, mezcal, gin and more. Afraid of flying? A first-class selection of cocktails will be on deck. Over and out!

Flights: Smoky Spirits | R(HUMS) of The World | Agave Tour | CO Whiskey Flight | Amaro Digestif Flight

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 4.48.51 PM.png

The Backyard:

Friday September 14

From climate change to our current administration's position on environmental policy, our national parks and lands are undeniably in danger. Join our panelists in discussing the challenges, long-term implications and opportunities our country faces in ensuring the conservation of these cherished spaces.

Saturday September 15

Patagonia called out President Trump when he shrunk Bears Ears. Yeti denounced the NRA after a school shooting. Brands are taking big stands on big issues as they begin to realize that they—and their customers—want to do more than have nice gear.

Sunday September 16

Being outside isn't just fun—there are documented health benefits. From being in a pine forest to pushing yourself in the mountains, we'll discuss how the outdoors can change your life.


Eno | Grassroots | Icelantic | Klean Kanteen | Never Summer | Rumpl | Topo Designs | Zeal Optics

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 4.49.06 PM.png

80's Ski Lodge

Go back from the future and relive the iconic ski aesthetic of yore (OK, guess it's not all that long ago) with a party so hot, it'll fog your goggles. The 80s Ski Lodge will be rockin' all weekend long with totally tubular DJ sets, a hair metal cover band and more. Radical!

Check out the lineup here

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 4.49.20 PM.png

The Break Room:

Break it down at The Break Room, Grandoozy’s all-day dance area. Be transported from the discotheques of Berlin to the warehouses of Detroit, onwards across the space-time continuum of dance music then land back home with your favorite local DJ collectives. With an eclectic lineup of established and emerging artists, this open-air space will welcome all, casual fan and aficionado alike.

Check out the lineup here.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 4.49.34 PM.png