Ultraween | Lifestyle Feature: ANNEX

Sophisticated ignorance; the perfect balance. The balance between practicality and coloring outside the lines is what ANNEX achieves in each of their designs. When co-creator, David Gresham, struggled to find the perfect out-of-town outfit, ANNEX became the solution. Together with Mahendra Bachtiar, the duo has spent just over two years building not only a brand, but a family. Their love for style, neighborhood, and cloth shine through each season's line.

Denver performer Kid Astronaut (a.k.a. Jon Shockness) wearing the ANNEX Fall '15 collection

The Fall ’15 line isn’t any different, but they are leveling up. Moving forward, we are going to be seeing fewer pieces released, but quality over quantity people! Each item will be stitched and sewn with mad love. We can’t wait for them to drop their Fall ’15 full look book in the next week or so, but until then, we can all just stalk ANNEX on their Instagram. (Can we talk about how we had a super-fangirl moment out when we first saw their most recent artist-model, Kid Astronaut, kicking it in the Fall ’15 Collegiate Crewneck Sweater?) Other models in the past have include our very own CRL CRRLL.

ANNEX is graciously sending us all a little treat this Ultraween. Catch some of their new line, if your lucky, in our limited gift bags! We will see you NEXT SATURDAY, 8 PM, 3595 Wynkoop St.