Music | Treefort Festival - Day 1 - 3/24

Tree forts symbolize adventure, freedom, imagination and adolescent delight. They are homes away from home, just closer to the stars.  At Treefort Music Festival, there is a similar feeling of exhilaration and certainly adventure as hundreds of bands, fans, and everyone in between come together for five days of ridiculously good music.

To say the journey from Denver to Boise was treacherous is not good story telling, it is completely accurate. The initiation of the blizzard that closed I80 through all of Wyoming, parts of I25, I70, and highway 36, and led to the cancelation of over 1300 flights to and from DIA was the least ideal start to the fest for those who had to travel the impassable routes listed. Unfortunately, Ultra5280 was part of that group. We packed up the car Thursday morning at 5 a.m. and trekked 16 hours, barely arriving in time to snag our press credentials. Though howling winds carrying sheets of snow across the freeway made it nearly impossible to see through parts of Cheyenne and Laramie, and icy roads increased our drive time significantly, WE FINALLY MADE IT!

Unfortunately, I only caught a glimpse of Aan at Neurolux and Boise band Frugal Father at Spacebar before Thursday’s music came to an end. Portland’s Aan, fronted by Bud Wilson (originally from Idaho) were a fitting introduction to the Treefort experience, sharing honest tracks including “All You Have to Say”, which Wilson explained was about being in a hurry while waiting on wet socks in the dryer. Awesome song, and don’t we all know the feeling? We will be sure to catch them again as they play this afternoon 3/25 at Record Exchange.


Mac Welch’s project Frugal Father, whose Soundcloud tracks previewed the night before inspired my attendance, featured for the first time live drums. Welch’s good friend, Elliott Baker AKA Crystal Ghost, said most of the music he played was new. Welch released his EP “Held” five months ago, and is apparently recording new music with bassist Jake Warnock and drums by Logan Hyde, who played with him last night. We’ll be looking out for the new tunes!

Ultra5280 photographer Liz Whitman left Spacebar early to see Thee Oh Sees, avoiding the football field length line of humans hovering impatiently outside El Korah Shrine. She barely kept hold of her Canon as fervent fans shoved one another with glee, celebrating beloved songs from San Fran’s garage rock four-piece. Check out her photos, and follow us over the next few days to catch the details on more of the fest! 


Written by: Haley Midzor

Photos by: Liz Whitman