Art Outside | Our Ideal Schedule

We covered Texas' upcoming 10th Annual Art Outside last week, and we're now onto the planning phase and creating our ideal schedule for the festival this weekend, October 24-26. The lineup is jam-packed from Friday through Sunday nights, from early in the day till....sunrise. And there's three stages, spreading the talent across the venue, along the river, and beneath the aforementioned pecan trees. 

There's always, of course, the fun of discovering new artists, but here's our for-certain list of artists we cannot wait to see next weekend (and the guaranteed crowds we'll be stealthily moving and sweating among):

Friday (10/24)

We're going to begin our day with Tauk at 5 p.m. Friday, who just announced a New Year's show with Disco Biscuits. We already loved Tauk, but you cannot go wrong with any Disco Biscuit endorsement! We're going to move onto the Malah, then to the Dome Stage for Austin's very own Brede (Jesse Brede—producer and founder of Gravitas Recordings). Next up: the Jumpsuit Records' trifecta of saQi, Wildlight, and The Polish Ambassador to really get the dance party going. The rest of the evening? Quixotic -> Little People -> The Motet -> Orchard Lounge. And, if we're still awake (we damn well better be), we're going to watch The Human Experience bring in the jams with the sunrise from 6:30-8 a.m. Saturday morning. Then it's gonna be nap time to prep for Saturday night.

Saturday (10/25)

It may be ambitious (if we bring in the morning with The Human Experience), but we'd like to begin our day with Zach Deputy for his funky one-man goodness. If our day begins in the afternoon instead, we'll begin with Toubab Krewe, followed by Pumpkin, Marco Benevento, Random Rab, Austin's Sorne, Fort Knox Five, and Phutureprimitive. From there, it's a toss up between Conspirator and Psymbionic. Austin-based folks should take the Conspirator route since Psymbionic throws weekly dance parties at local Barcelona. And on that note, Conspirator just knows how to jam. Next up is Golden Dawn Arkestra for a trippy, vibrant, intense performance that'll lead us even farther into the night, err, morning. But the party isn't over, because we have an epic 4-8 a.m. in store: Thriftworks -> Kaminanda -> D.V.S. -> and, lastly, Desert Dwellers. Good morning!

Sunday (10/26)

Sunday has fewer musical acts on the roster, but after two all-nighters, we'll need to slow down and easy into the last day of the festival that, good for us (because we'd keep going otherwise), ends at midnight. We'll likely begin the day with Mingo Fishtrap, followed by Orgone. It's a tough call between Lynx and Nth Power. We'll make this determination based on our mood. If we're feeling sultry and soulish and sway-y, we'll head the Lynx direction; if we're back in jam mode, Nth Power it'll be. From there, there's only one direction to go for us: Blue Sky Black Death -> Emancipator -> and Papadosio closing out the fest. Then, perhaps, sleep? We shall see...

Woo, that is a lot of DAMN GOOD music for just three nights—the best thing is, as we mentioned in our earlier post, this is a boutique, intimate, colorful, art-infused fest in a very beautiful, natural Texas setting along the river. Art installations, drum circles, yoga workshops, pecan trees, swing bridges, and a stellar (pardon my French) f'ing lineup await you. What are you waiting for? 

Get your tickets here, kitties. We'll see you dancin' under those Texas stars, backdropped by the best of the best in the electro-jam world. 

By Ashley M. Halligan