Music | Magic Sword LEGEND EP Release Hi-Dive 4/28

Story telling is integral to humanity. Though stories and communication channels develop and evolve, the value of messages shared remains. 

Magic Sword, an anonymous project, uses an unconventional combination of music production and comic book illustration to share its story. The heart of the comic is the Magic Sword, an infinitely powerful weapon entrusted to mysterious character, The Keeper, to protect. Volume One, the full-length album originally released in 2012 and re-released last year due to popular demand, enhances the story's experience and progression. I have seen Magic Sword perform twice in the last year, but only recently learned of the comic book. Listening to the album now, I have a deeper appreciation for the music and concept, and enjoy it even more than I did before.


There is something admirable about anonymous musicians. Much like a hero in a comic book, they sacrifice individual validation for causes greater than the self. The severance between on stage and off stage identities allows audiences to focus exclusively on the story, strengthening the message. Seeing Magic Sword is an all-encompassing event. The two members undergo complete transformations, wearing full costumes and of course, possessing awesome swords.

At their Treefort Festival show last month, in transition from the proceeding performance, the duo dispersed glorious blue swords to fans and friends, who together created a vibrant circle of light surrounding the stage. As cliché as it sounds, Magic Sword takes the audience on a journey. Though each song is compelling on its own, the culmination of tracks constitutes a marvelous voyage, amplifying the experience.

Embark on an adventure with Magic Sword April 28 at S. Broadway’s Hi-Dive. It is an honor the project has chosen Denver for its 2016 debut of EP Legend, the first release of new music since their conception four years ago. Magic Sword is expected to release a series of EPs, each accompanied by a comic, which continues The Keeper’s tale.  The three-song EP initiates with “Legend of the Keeper” followed by “Uprising” and completes with “The Curse”, presumably laying foundation for future quests. Size Records describes the EP on the SoundCloud preview. Much like Volume One, Legend is influenced by French touch electro, rock, and film and game soundtracks.

Join Ultra5280 the last Thursday of this month as we celebrate with Magic Sword. We cannot wait to hear Legend EP for the first time, live!  May all our readers, friends, adventurers, and brave hearted heroes find their way to Hi-Dive, and as always, let the Magic Sword reign supreme! 

Written by: Haley Midzor