First Look: Babelord "Feels" Video

Just who is Babelord?

We are still trying to figure that out. All we know is we received this transmission via our 8 track fax machine and wanted to share with our fellow earthlings.

2.5 million light years away, within the 528th quadrant, beyond the ninth quasar within the Andromeda galaxy lies the planet of Galactar; home of the Galactans. The Galactans are a peaceful and highly advanced humanoid race; well versed in the arts, sciences and intergalactic love...

In Galactic year 420.69, a young Galactan by the name of Babelord was sent to the planet Earth with an impossible mission; to educate humans in the ways of infinite, unconditional, intergalactic love. With no feasible way to communicate effectively with the primitive humans, and armed only with the sounds of music and a few friends she has made along the way, Babelord and her comrades fight an uphill battle. Will she succeed, or will the spirit of humanity be erased from the universe FOREVER??????

Babelord and her Earthling friend Danny D.