Pink Fuzz Set To Unleash New Album! We Have The First Single "Someone" For Exclusive First Listen

One of our favorite local acts Pink Fuzz is about to unleash their latest album"Speed Demon" as well as embark on a new tour. We are debuting two of their newest songs exclusively right here on Ultra5280. Scroll down to listen to the first single "Someone" tomorrow we will be debuting "Think You Got Me".  Sit back buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Having released two tracks in 2017, the band is excited to unleash a full album’s worth of their awe inspiring heavy rock into the world this fall. Pink Fuzz is comprised of brother/siste John and LuLu Demitro, and rounded out by childhood friend Forrest Raup. Together, Johnand LuLu share lead vocals , while LuLu’s signature fuzzed out Rickenbacker bass, and John’s signature guitar tone form a force to be reckoned with. Combine that with Forrest’s monstrous yet precise drumming style, and Pink Fuzz forms a wall of sound that is sure to melt the faces and blow the minds of every listener or concert goer that crosses their path. Recorded over the span of late 2017-early 2018 at Silo Sound in Denver, Colorado, the songs on “Speed Demon” are unique, forceful, and subtle all at the same time. The trio took their time writing and recording this album to make sure it was everything they wanted it to be. Having toured rigorously over the last 4 years, the band has been able to hone in their sound and focus it into something that is truly unlike any other band.

Pink Fuzz (Photo Credit: George Blosser)

The music on “Speed Demon” is a showcase of how far this band has come with their song writing. Sludgy riffs, ripping guitar solos (think your favorite track off Smashing Pumpkins “Mellon Collie” meets QOTSA’s “Era Vulgaris”) and driving rhythms are still a large part of this band’s sound. But what stands out on this album are those song’s counter parts. Pink Fuzz can still throw down with the heaviest rock n' roll, but what is setting them apart is their ability to balance that with beautiful melodies and a wide array of dynamics. LuLu and John’s vocal harmonies in these melodic driven moments are a highlight of the LP, as their voices blend together in a way that is instantly recognizable. With John’s vocals taking on the style we’d expect from a love child of The Stooges era Iggy Pop and Marc Bolan. While LuLu’s silky smooth vocals channel more of a Josh Homme written melody with a Beth Gibbons (Portishead) style delivery. Their individual vocals drive the intensity and fluidity of other songs, the entire band’s talent and experience shines through seamlessly to create an incredible performance through out the entire album. There is no doubt that this band can shred, but it is clear that everything was played with intention; not a note or beat is wasted or over played.

Inspired by countless hours in the van listening to podcasts, and late night talks about how fragile the human mind can be, the band was transfixed on the development of serial killers. Pink Fuzz first touched on this subject in their debut music video for their song “Enough”, featuring “Fast Finger Frank” (the original “speed demon”) hunting down his victims in an 18 wheeler semi across barren desert roads. The video was written, produced, filmed, and acted out by Pink Fuzz themselves. The themes from this music video, along with other personal turning points, fueled the writing process for the new release. Pink Fuzz will be touringthroughout September 2018 and the later part of fall to support the album, and will be releasing two more music videos to support the singles from “Speed Demon”.

The album release show will take place in the band’s home town of Denver at Lost Lake Lounge, Sept 1st, 2018. Supported by locals Love Gang and BootGun.

“Speed Demon” September Tour 2018

9/1 Lost Lake Lounge, Denver, CO

9/6 Golden Light Cantina, Amarillo, TX

9/7 Backyard On Bell, Denton,TX

9/8 The Electric Church, Austin,TX

9/14 Auntie Maes, Manhatten, KY

9/15 PDM, Columbia, MO

9/16 The Boobie Trap, Topeka, KS

9/21 The Replay Lounge, Lawrence, KS

9/22 Rock the Prairie Fest, Dwight, KS

9/23 The Phoenix Lounge, Sioux Falls, SD

9/24 Hi Watt House. Minneapolis, MN

9/26 Liars Club, Chicago, IL

9/28 Castle Ellerbe, Louisville, KY

9/29 TBA, Columbus, OH

9/30 Foam, St. Louis, MO