Chloe Tang New Single 'Stranger' Debuts Tomorrow 4/6

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We have a lot to say on Chloe Tang's new single 'Stranger' let's start with WE LOVE IT. Chloe conveys her sudden evolution from the cute and sweet, girl next door into the bad-ass, confident yet sensual queen you wouldn't dare in your whole life mess around on. 

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Her producer on 'Stanger,' slackbeatz, aka fellow CU Denver music alum, Zach Barokas, seemed to know exactly what the song needed as the beat flows like honey alongside Chloe's strong yet breathy vocals. "It stemmed from being really honest and open about a relationship and then I brought it to Slack and he gave the song life." What's lovely about 'Stranger' is that it's relatable to virtually anyone with a pulse. We can hear someone whose emotions have been tormented with sudden change and uneasiness of the state of a relationship. "The idea of someone who you’ve been close with for a long time becoming a stranger is one of the most shocking feelings I’ve experienced." 

We love this new found R&B/soul that Chloe Tang has delved into and have an undeniable craving for more. "The hip hop/r&b style of this song is something I’ve never done before and it may be unexpected but it is a true representation of who I am right now and what is inspiring me. I love r&b as much as I love any other genre I listen to. This track has been so fun to make and I hope people have fun with it."


Upcoming show

Chloe is set to release her brand new EP Friday, May 4th with a same day release show at Larimer Lounge brought to you by CU Denver label, CAM records.  

April 26th CAM JAM

May 30th The Marquis

Snag tickets to her EP release show here