CITRA | Mr. Copacetic EP | Review


Denver Grit-Rock outfit CITRA is set release their new extended release EP (since 2016's Ocean) later this week and we got an early chance to listen to it. Upon first listen the album is full of potential that only goes to show the sheer amount of hard work that was put into this album. The album gives us those early hints of pioneer rocker masterpieces from Foo Fighters (One By One) and Queens of The Stone Age(Songs For The Deaf). Fun, wild and a sheer way to let your hair down and don your finest leather CITRA is establishing themselves as the premier rock group in the Denver music scene.

A steady dose of flailing guitars and body whirling lyrics are evident from the opening track "Static Erratic", this would make for one of those epic MTV videos were the band is playing a rooftop with pyrotechnics going off left and right, hell throw in a helicopter for shits and giggles ala "Cochise" by Audioslave. Easily my favorite track on the EP.

The next single "Felt So Right" conjures up the early sounds Dave Grohl's howling vocals with a subtle change of pace towards the middle of the song that gives us a chance to catch our breath from the onslaught featured in the first minute of the song. Brandon Arndt's vocals give this song its life with an infectious chorus that has us begging for more.

The next single's title is easy fodder for a Michael Scott joke. One of the slower songs on the EP "That's What She Said" is marked by some impressive guitar play that evokes the emotional feelings of the track. An easy candidate for a track I would have put on a mixtape for that very special someone during my high school days. It's a perfect example of that heartfelt melodic rock the band is known for.

The next song "Grant My Wish" is a perfect example of your modern-day arena rock anthem highlighting each members strengths that are evident from the opening note. Dan Naddy's drumming gives this song the backbone for it to perfectly sync with precise guitar playing and amazing bass undertones. Lay that underneath Arndt's vocals and you have yourself one of the finer gems on the album.

The last track "R.Y.F.F." comes out of the gate like Ricky Bobby behind the wheel of a stock car. A high powered fueled track that doesn't let go at all. A perfect way to go out for this fast, edgy, and well produced EP. All the ingredients for a in-your-face 25 minutes of hard rocking blissfulness. Well done gents, well done.

The band is having a release show this coming Saturday night at The Hi Dive and we highly recommend attending as this review will prove that these songs will be better experienced hands on in the perfect cavernous setting of the Hi Dive. Ticket information can be found here

Robert Castro