Marshmello To Release Lil Peep Collab This Friday


Last November another tragedy struck in the music community when rising emo rapper Lil' Peep accidentally overdosed on opioids. Since then waves of musicians have come forward to express their grief and loss over the 21-year-old. Among the mourning was EDM producer and DJ, Marshmello who had recently been in the studio with Peep. Marshmello said he wasn't originally planning on releasing the collaboration song until Lil' Peep's mother reached out to him. She said she wanted his music shared with the world. Kinda hard for Mello to say no *shrug emoji*. As Mello has recently stated on Twitter he's planning on sharing the track this Friday the 12th. We're sure we'll have another banger this weekend in remembrance of an artist gone too soon. RIP Lil' Peep.