Harry Styles Surprises Music Industry With New Self Titled Album

The transition from boy band heartthrob to grown ass man has previously followed a nice and concrete passage. One which normally includes a lot of ripped jeans, shirtless photoshoots and a few very public breakups. But one teen sensation is set on breaking the mold. 

From donning the streets in high heeled boots to SNL debuts and an understated DGAF attitude, Harry Styles is definitely not your typical child star turned teen sex symbol. His transition may not be the safe option, as we’re sure a lot of his early fan base will not relate to guitar heavy tracks like “Your Angel”. But Style’s is staying true to himself and doing what makes him happy rather than following what would have been a fruitful and lucrative career creating catchy pop anthems.   

After listening to Style’s new self-titled album it’s hard to believe that this is the same person who ran around in the ocean with 5 other boys singing, that’s what makes you beautiful. A catchy chorus and garage band drum track have been upgraded to electric guitar and thoughtful lyrics about past breakups. The album features lots of instrumentals and longing, rustic vocals by Styles. Even more interesting? Styles has writing credit on all of the 10 of the songs in the album. Stand out tracks include, “Sign Of the Times”, “Carolina” and “Sweet Creature”. Rhythmic, unique and a far cry from the spineless radio hits of his yonder year. 

By forging his own path Styles is placing himself among the ranks of John Mayer and Paul McCartney as those who have had a taste of the Justin Bieber lifestyle but yet ultimately chose music.   

Listen Here: spotify:album:1FZKIm3JVDCxTchXDo5jOV