Local Spotlight: CU Denver's MEIS Students and Graduates

As a soon to be graduate of the MEIS (music industry entertainment studies) program at CU Denver, I’ve had the pleasure of working and studying alongside of some of Denver’s most determined, savvy and proficient, up and coming musicians and future business executives. With limited funds -because let’s be real, we’re not just students but music students- yet abundance of connections in the Denver industry, we continue to find a ways to produce, market and distribute our work. The program doesn’t just cultivate talented and capable musicians. Music business majors, like myself, have the skills to generate art, yet may be lacking the passion, that’s okay guys, we can’t all be the next big thing. We’ll be the tour manager, the press director, the producer, the promo. Whether you’re an artist or a biz pioneer, we can all create a vision and execute it.

Highlighted are some of CU Denver’s most enterprising individuals and artists creating a name for themselves in the local industry and continuing to contribute to its growth. Some of these individuals are still finishing their degrees. What can’t we do?


Chloe Tang:


Last week singer/songwriter Chloe Tang released a 5 song EP Passion//Aggression. Don’t mistake the title for passive aggression;There’s no hiding what Chloe has to say. Her words are the kind of hard hitting lyrics that could strip anyone down to the core. It’ll make you want to hug your mom and punch your ex in the face simultaneously. The dynamic qualities of her tender yet knockout voice dance along with the playful, melodic guitar riffs.

We’re really loving “Electrified.” The tone is unapologetically nostalgic with a little bluesy instrumentation tucked in there. Guitarist, Dylan Streight has a solo during the bridge that could make even the baddest bitch turn to butter. Also, backing Chloe is CU Denver professor, Benom Plumb on drums. It’s exceptional to witness educators contributing to the success of students. That stuff really makes our hearts sing.

Check Chloe out on your favorite listening platform. This girl’s on practically all of ‘em!:

Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/…/passion-aggression-…/id1212306963

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2SvfUlgthxVIi6xQK4sFeG

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-34382413/sets/unreleased-ep

CDBaby: https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/chloetang2

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Unsigned - Unheard 5280:


A prime example of how business students are helping to local musicians and classmates art. Birthed out of love for local music, Unsigned - Unheard 5280 is a brand spankin’ new blog highlighting local, on the rise talent with curated playlists, interviews and blog posts. They also do awesome things like ticket giveaways to some rad Denver shows. Want to be one of the highlighted musicians? Submit your work via the Unsigned - Unheard 5280 website (link below).

One local blog promoting another local blog, say what? That’s just the love and support we have for each other here in our mile high city.

Check out their website and subscribe:


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Yasman Azimi has wasted no time in her art and branding even during her studies. The recent graduate of the MEIS program has released her first music video debuting single “Pink Caddy.” As we follow her through a candy shop and various other scenes, the soft, luminescent pink tones of the videography features a softer YaSi. She takes influence from 90's hip hop and it resembles in the retro saturation. We're loving that her sultry voice is mirrored in the ambiance of the visual work.

Catch the mega talented, Iranian beauty this Saturday at “Stay Up Saturday’s” hosted by Anna Malistiik at Your Mom’s House. Granted if you’re a Denver local, we know that you like it. You don’t really gotta fight it.

Pink Caddy music video:


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Avenhart aka “Denver-based indie folk band striving to simultaneously break your heart and put it back together.” Avenhart’s members are comprised of all CU Denver students and graduates. While their lyrics and harmonies resemble the indie-Colorado stylings we know and love *cough cough* The Lumineers *cough cough* Their instrumentation and melodic tonality suggests influence from bluegrass and country musics.

We’re pretty proud of them over at CU Denver. Be sure to check them out live this Thursday at their EP release show. Lost Lake’s doors will open at 7pm and the bands jam at 8pm.

Give their EP a listen on their website:


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Fonzie aka Eugene Landini isn’t just another audio production major. While he’s not expertizing his craft over at CU Denver, he’s producing his own music. His electronic, trap, jam sound will have you amped up for a night out. Thanks for your party music for us party people.  

Fonzie’s new EP is due April 2nd. We’re sure he’ll give you a little taste at his show this Friday the 17th. Get away from the St. Patty’s day madness downtown in the new hip hop, electronic joint The Black Box. Give the Fonz a little love, ya’ll.



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One Flew West:

You can check out our article written for the release of their two brand new singles “All in My Head” and “Ten Years Later" below. Their show at Lost Lake last week was not one to miss. Although you might have considering Denver sold that shizz out! Be sure to check out our article and follow OFW on Facebook to stay updated on their next announced shows.

Ultra5280’s review of new singles: 





I have so much love for my program and the abundance of talent it develops. Their value to the community has shown through their works. When we support local artists the industry grows, the economy grows, Denver grows. Thanks for all the love and support of local music, Denver. We'll see you out there.