Shigeto Shakes Up Globe Hall

Shigeto (Photo Credit: Meesh Deyden)

Zach Saginaw, otherwise known as Shigeto, played Globe Hall on Wednesday night, promoting his newest album on Ghostly International, The New Monday. Extra special mention to opener Ela Minus, who was a pleasant surprise of experimental electronica, on a mixer set up that said, “Bright Music for Dark Times”; A perfect description of her sound, and the enticing night ahead.

The ever-evolving artist originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan is now based in Brooklyn, New York. He started out as a drummer in 2010 for School of Seven Bells, and over the years has done collaborations with Jazz trumpeter, Dave Douglas, as well as Hip-Hop artist, Zeelooperz. Each of these collabs is evident, as well as prominent, in Shigeto’s growth, because the styles of each collaborating artist are present in following projects. Early involvement in the Detroit music scene also has had an influence on Shigeto’s undeniably tight basslines.

 Shigeto is constantly exploring many genres, and doing so quite well. Ambient techno, melodic jazz, post dubstep, and hip-hop came together in a well put together solo show. Just when you start to begin questioning the soft, elusive “over air” sounds, a jazzy interlude would bring you back to what felt comfortable. Recording sounds live, mixing those in with his signature “container noises”, and playing the drum kit simultaneously, he was incredible to watch. Saginaw has a very expressive and enthusiast presence, which trickled into the crowd as the show picked up in pace, and made it hard not to dance along.

Slightly confused at the diversity of the crowd, I couldn’t figure out whether Globe Hall was filled with fans or just people trying to occupy their Wednesday night, but either way, everyone in the building seemed to enjoy the graceful journey of Shigeto’s evolving experiment of sound.

Words: Lina Skrzypczak Images: Meesh Deyden