Arcade Fire Put On The Show Of The Year In Denver

Walking into the Pepsi Center on Wednesday night you would have thought you were about to witness a boxing match judging by the boxing ring smack dab in the center of the arena. Not the case as Canadian imports Arcade Fire used the prop as their stage to shine. All we were missing was the familiar sound of Michael Buffer exclaiming "Let's Get Ready To Rumble". The band played into the boxing moniker as they were introduced before the modest crowd (who by the way missed the best show of the year) just like the prized champions of the squared circle.

As soon as they set foot into the ring all hell brooke loose for almost two hours of non-stop dancing and singing. The band put on a performance that will be talked about for many years to come (unless they outdo themselves on their next tour). Backed by one of the most talented bands in the land Win Butler played the master of ceremonies as each song on the setlist flowed smoothly and gave life to the live performance with the array of lighting visuals that would make the most popular EDM fan jealous. Fans who were on the floor got one of the most intimate performances as the center stage rotated along with the band members making for dynamic views all around. The setlist was a hodgepodge of material spanning from their five studio albums. Opening with the first single off their new album "Everything Now" the band took tremendous pride in what has been a much ridiculed album earning modest ratings. Not ones to back away from criticism, the band has established themselves beyond the fact that the perception of one album shouldn't hinder the amount of work they have put in to position themselves as one of the most respected bands in the world. Notable moments from the night were solo performances from Régine Chassagne who got to shine and impress on new single "Electric Blue" (Off Everything Now) and our beloved "Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) off their third album The Suburbs. Her penchant for the theatrics gave way to a warm and welcomed reception as the crowd ate up everyone of her unorthodox dance moves. We love you Régine don't ever change. After all was said and done this may very well have been the show of the year for us.

Opening the night was Colombian band Bomba Estereo who warmed up the crowd with their stapled tropical electro indie anthems. Many in attendance were left in awe as the band who sang mostly in Spanish captured the audience with the array of tropical flare.

Arcade Fire Set List:

Everything Now | Signs Of Life | Rebellion (Lies) | Here Comes The Night | No Cars Go | Haîtî | Electric Blue | Put Your Money On Me | Neon Bible | Intervention | Modern Man | The Suburbs | Ready To Start | Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) | Reflektor | Afterlife | Creature Comfort | Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) | Encore: We Don't Deserve Love | Everything Now (Chorus) | Wake Up

Words and images: Robert Castro