Local Spotlight | The Savage Blush | Larimer Show & New EP "Dust" Release 8/26

Local Psych Surf-Rock three-piece The Savage Blush has announced the coming of a new EP titled "Dust" expected to drop Friday 8/26. Additionally the three are to play Larimer Lounge with bands Last of The Easy Riders, High Plains Honky and The Patient Zeros Friday 8/26 at 8:00 PM. 

The Savage Blush is relatively young, but they've been active in mining into a solid, self-made sound, in the vein of bands such as The Murlocs and La Luz. They released their self-titled album in July of last year with slow running, discordant tracks like "Run Betty Run" and grit racers like "Pitch Black". The album spores lick after lick of warm, syrupy swells, with Rebecca William's characteristic vocals, peppered with electric 'yew's and 'ouh's. Their sound is defined as "a reverbated, dirty mix of Psychedelic, Garage, and Surf Rock elements... Imagine Link Wray, Grace Slick, The Seeds, and Billy Childish making some musical baby in a basement bathtub." Yet their grit is equally matched with charging heat; low flying, simmering, distorted sound waves that linger in the air and in your head long after. 

Since their first album was released the band gained a new bassist Uriyah Hodge Presnall of Uriyah and the Psychedelics. They earned themselves a 10 PM slot at the Hi-dive during the 2016 UMS and it was completely packed with astonished, buzzed bar patrons, all demanding an encore despite the strict time limit imposed on all bands during the fest. A slightly sauced guy in the crowd behind me repeated vehemently, "It just.. it just sounds really... really good."

  Rebecca Williams (Left) and Uriyah Presnall Hodges (Right) during the 2016 UMS. Photo: Kendall Morris

Rebecca Williams (Left) and Uriyah Presnall Hodges (Right) during the 2016 UMS. Photo: Kendall Morris

Rebecca Williams, frontwoman, guitarist and songwriter for The Savage Blush talked with us briefly about the writing and recording process, and the tracks off of "Dust" which she, Presnall and Joshua Williams (brother and drummer) were the most excited about.

Ultra5280: What did the writing and recording process look like? 

Rebecca Williams: The writing process for me is never the same. I'm definitely not a creature of habit. Some were complete ideas, some I worked on piece by piece. As far as the recording we did all of the instrumentals live, and uses two different bassists on different songs, (Brandon Stanley and Uriah Hodge Presnall). 

Ultra5280: Which tracks are you most excited about? 

Rebecca Williams: We're really excited for all of [the songs] to be honest. Part of the reason we decided to leave it at a four song EP was because we love each one for different reasons. I really love 'Sobre Espinas', a Spanish song on the album, and also 'Wake the Dreamer'.  I really love what goes on in those in particular.

Be sure to make it our to Larimer Lounge this Friday to hear The Savage Blush's EP for yourself. Doors open at 8 PM, and, a heads up, anyone who makes it over from the RiNo Music Festival wearing a wristband receives free entry! 

Buy tickets here. Hear The Savage Blush here