An Interview With UMS Headliners POLICA

 Photo Credit:  Jonathan Weiner

Photo Credit: Jonathan Weiner

It’s UMS weekend in Denver. The streets are clean, hangovers are lying dormant in anticipation of the 4 day rage fest to come and there’s an electricity in the air that only the promise of live music can bring. In only a few hours 400+ bands will flock to our beloved strip of South Broadway dives and watering holes... and we could not be more ready for the chaos to commence. So slap that wrist band on, bear down with water and snacks and make your way to the starting line, because it’s UMS season in Denver people! 

Headlining this 4 day party is Minneapolis’s pride and joy, POLICA. The dreamy pop synth four piece has grown immensely since debuting their first album Give You The Ghost back in 2012. Their sound has morphed into an entity that traipses genre normalities and showcases each band member’s talent collectively. POLICA is fresh off the highs of completing a new album (United Crushers March 2016) and are on tour in support of the release. 

We were lucky enough to snag an interview with drummer Ben Ivascu. And while our interview may have left you wanting more we can guarantee their performance as UMS will leave you satiated!

You can catch POLICA on Sunday, July 31st at 7pm on the Main Stage. 

(Ultra5280) POLIÇA has come a long way since Give You The Ghost...  Now we know that sounds like a cliche - but your sound has evolved from the ambiently drowsy sounds of The XX and Justin Vernon to a rock-synth pop genre that’s hard to classify. What has the creative process been like for you and what do you think has contributed to your internal growth as a band?

The biggest contributing factor has been getting to know one another and becoming good friends. We've been able to notice and understand what we each bring to the band and have been able shape songs with a better understanding of what we are capable of doing.

(Ultra5280) Your March release, United Crushers showcases a more rockin’ side of POLICA than we’ve seen in the past with tracks like "Someway", "Lime Habit", and "Wedding" featuring heavy drums and quicker tempo. This is in a stark contrast to songs on the album like, "Lately" and "Summer Please". What lead to the division in the album? What types of emotions and background play into the two styles?

The division isn't necessarily on purpose, it comes from curiosity and instinct to want to write the next song different from the last one. We're inspired by a variety of things.

(Ultra5280) What is your favorite song to play from United Crushers and why? 

Full disclosure....These questions are being answered by Drummer #B, Ben Ivascu, so.... Melting Block. For me, it epitomizes what we do in this band. I just like how this song grooves. I can't answer for the other members.

(Ultra5280) The starting track on United Crushers is a plea for summer. Why summer? What knowledge/tactics can you bequeath unto fellow UMS goers when it comes to beating the heat? We’re expected to hit 100 degrees this Sunday.

I should hope everyone knows to keep hydrated and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. 
I think summer in Summer Please is being used metaphorically. It might actually be being used literally and metaphorically, but I didn't write the lyrics, so don't take my word for it.

(Ultra5280) The Underground Music Showcase is a celebration of local music from garage bands in LA to Brooklyn, Phoenix and abroad. After finding your niche in the industry, what advice do you have to the bands who are just starting out.. playing those 12pm slots at no name dive bars this weekend?

Have fun!