Music | Record Store Day | Saturday, April 16th

On Saturday, April 16th, record stores across the country will open their doors to doe eyed music fans in search of reissued classics, new issues, colored vinyl and vintage treasures. Despite the early kickoff and long lines, many, including us, regard Record Store Day as one of our favorite holidays. Because, nothing compares to the aroma of fresh pressed vinyl mixed with morning breath and anxious sweat. But all jokes aside, we love seeing Denver unite under the greater umbrella of music appreciation. Side Note: if we don’t get our hands on Dig Everything - The Pye Singles 1966 by David Bowie or Alt – J’s Live at Red Rocks specialty record, we may have to sell Castro’s sock collection in hopes of obtaining one on the vinyl black market. 

Hey we get it, 7am is rough, but thankfully for you there are ways to not only survive but thrive your early wake up call on a coveted weekend morning. Illegal Pete’s will be giving burritos to the first 100 people in line at Twist and Shout Records between 6:30am and 7am. Some say the early bird gets the worm, but we say the early bird gets the burrito… and first dibs on all the best vinyl.  Twist and Shout is not the only record store participating in RSD, for a full list of stores visit:

We’re sure you all have your top picks in mind, here are a few that we’re most excited about or check out the full list. We'll see you Saturday morning, come blizzard, rain or shine (fuckin' Colorado.. amiright?)