Music | SHOW ALERT: Euphoria Festival

Last year Euphoria Festival made one of Ultra5280's staff picks as one of the best shows of the year (ranked alongside shows like the Neville Brothers Farewell show in NOLA, Fare Thee Well in Chicago, and Sturgill Simpson in Austin—specifically when Break Science joined Big Gigantic on stage for the first time ever. For those familiar with the magic that is Dominic Lalli (of Big Gigantic) on horns and Adam Deitch (of Lettuce and Break Science) on drums, imagine the brilliance of those two together. It was a moment in musical history that I was happy to be up front for. This year, Adam Deitch is returning with both Break Science and Lettuce, both part of Saturday's lineup. 

This year's festival takes place April 7-10, again at Austin's Carson Creek Ranch, also home to Psych Fest. The lineup is a fine one this year, featuring Tycho, Wave Racer, and, my personal favorite, Sound Tribe, on Friday night. In addition to Lettuce's funk and Break Science's hip hop meets percussion, Saturday's stage will be greeted by Twiddle, Com Truis, and Griz (another prodigy on the horns). Sunday features several psybient and jammy acts like Klingande (live), Nahko & Medicine for the People, The Motet, and hip hop artist Waka Flocka Flame.

EUPH_poster full lineup

The riverside grounds at Carson Creek Ranch are beautiful too. There's lots of big trees on the grounds between the festival's three stages, offering shady space to veg out between acts or even hop into a swing. The festival is also riddled with art installations, some interactive, like a booth last year with a bed and headphones that sent patrons into a trippy adventure through sound and other stimulus. 

Last year promoters encouraged festival goers to "find their euphoria," and they did, many times over. From the music to the beginning of spring (and wild pink evening primrose blossoms that seemed to bloom overnight) to the colorful art to wild nights dancing in an inflatable marshmallow (true story), the festival was vibrant and voluminous. This year's lineup is solid and spring has already shown her face. Pair that with a handful of unique things on the roster being talked behind the scenes, and we can guarantee y'all will #findyoureuphoria again this year. Tickets are available here.