Music | Show Alert : Revenge of the 90's at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom TONIGHT!!!

    Bust out those Chuck Taylor’s and that old smelly flannel! Revenge of the 90’s is in town with some incredible musicians hitting the stage at Cervantes TONIGHT!! J2G Live puts on this spectacle every year along with Dance Party Time Machine and its always a great time reminiscing on your rebellious days headbanging to grunge rock or your favorite hip hop beats. We had the chance to catch up with Disco Biscuit’s keyboardist Aron Magner to talk about the show and what it’s like collaborating on stage with all these amazing local artists. “I’m a firm believer that in order to push the envelope of music moving forward we need to study what came before us” “I always look forward to collaborating with these local artists” “Revenge of the 90’s is like coming back to camp, we’ve all been through something crazy together.” “Learning 20 songs worth of material that we normally wouldn't be playing.” “Cramming it all into a two hour rehearsal, then a quick sound check and GO!”  


    We also took the opportunity to ask him about the Disco Biscuits 4 day run through Denver called Bisco Inferno coming up June 1st through the 4th at the Ogden Theater and Red Rocks Ampitheatre. We asked him what he enjoyed most about coming through Colorado and how he views the cities music scene. “I’ve always liked Colorado, the natural beauty of outdoor Colorado is pretty awesome in and of itself even if there wasn’t a fuckin petri dish of music loving fans out there!” “In 2016, what I particularly like about it is that theres a certain electricity right now about the city” “ its become a meca for young kids to travel to” “you can literally see the past, present, and history behind the city.”

    There’s always a big hype surrounding their massive Camp Bisco Festival on Montage Mountain in Scranton PA, so we had to ask how he felt about the growth their festival has seen since its inception in 1999. The first year the festival had an attendance of around 900 and now the event is the Northeast’s largest electronic-rock festival that sells out to over 25,000 festival goers with three stages and around 100 performances. “Camp Bisco has always kind of been our baby, we’ve watched it grow ever since we birthed it, nursed it, sent it off to kindergarten, and now it goes off to university! Haha, we’ve done a good job cultivating Camp Bisco.” 

   If you haven't had a chance to see the Disco Biscuits live then we strongly suggest you make an effort to go see them. They’re on the cutting edge of music right now, with their unique style that incorporates funk, jazz, and electronic music. It’s easy to see why they’ve generated such a huge following. One thing we really enjoy about them is the ability these artists have to jam together with their use of improvisation making every show a new experience. We’re so excited to be a part of this show and you’ll be sorry you didn’t make it out to Cervantes TONIGHT, so make sure to grab your tickets now!