Denver Worshiped Demigod, Tom Fec of TOBACCO This Week and We're Kind Of Speechless

Tom Fec, front man of Black Moth Super Rainbow, and three others, took the stage as Tobacco and created a separate universe for those ready to celebrate analogue synth dreams. Having dropped his 4 the full length album, Sweatbox Dynasty, in August of this year, his loyal fans could only hope for a tour, and what they got was definitely a treat. Tobacco turned the Larimer Lounge into a house of worship this last Tuesday: A house of woozy, hallucinogenic synth worship that is.

A simple set up, with two main points of interest, the visuals consisting of a drippy logo of the artists name, Tobacco, with constantly changing, colorful, as well as psychedelic content and a gong with projections of just a few of the moderately creepy masks that front man Tom Fec is so fond of. The usual analog synthesizer, vocoder, and guitar that are key in his music were present, although from what I’ve read about past performances, there were special elements to this performance, such as the drummer’s presence and the fact Fec himself was not masked.

An enchanting mix of old and new, I thought this set was approachable and a ton of fun! With infectious sounds all across the board from ambient synth wave to metal inspired guitar riffs, they definitely kept the Denver crowd interested and engaged. With their glitched out, gritty, electronic synth sounds, Tobacco created an environment for the people who resonate with the unconventional, progressive sounds of their music. And by the looks of the constantly pulsing crowd, I’d say they were satisfied. 

The 80’s electronic synthesizers, strange sound filters, and glitch hallucinogenic grit that is Tobacco is probably not for everyone, but those who are underwhelmed with the modern music scene should let Mr. Fec take them on a journey down the rabbit hole. Anyone who attended this show can attest that it is definitely one worth falling down.