Music | Covenhoven's Latest Release Will Have You Wishing It Was Fall Already


Starbucks has made it blaringly obvious that the PSL is back. And while the drink's return comes with it's own set of feelings (seriously, what's so special?)... it also means that autumn's debut is not far behind the star studded beverage's release. After listening to the latest record from Denver's token mountain man, Joel Van Horne the season really couldn't come any faster. 

When the leaves begin to blush red and our air conditioner is no longer needed, a switch goes off inside us Coloradans. Meaning that it's time to start a fire (our guess is Van Horne chops down his own trees), dust off our sweaters and find a warm body to lie next to. Covenhoven's "The Wild and Free" gives us the urge to nest, reflect and distill our own whiskey... Making it the perfect companion to Colorado's crisp months ahead. 

If the album was the soundtrack to an indie flick, it would chronicle a couple falling in love-running wildly through apple orchards, catching snowflakes on their eyelashes and watching icicles form through time lapse... Or maybe we're just hopeless romantics. Whatever the imprint it leaves on you, it's a true testament to Van Horne's ability to transport the listener to a place of nostalgia and beauty. Where one truly is wild and free. 

Van Horne's latest captures everything pure and terrifying about falling in love and couples it with endearing and vivid prose. It is a true masterpiece that begs the question, "Where was Covenhoven when the Garden State Soundtrack was being recorded?"

This album was meant to be dissected and contemplated. It is a reflection of a man getting lost and not finding himself... It is real, raw and everything we would have expected from Van Horne. 

Van Horne will be releasing his album on September, 19th at Syntax. Get your tickets here: