Music | Reliving Memories With Better Than Ezra and Sugar Ray

Let us take you back in time... To a time where Beanie Babies and Furbies reigned supreme and knowing every single word to a Better Than Ezra and Sugar Ray song was the norm. This is the late 90s and early 2000's and we're rocking choker necklaces and being moody with our Walkmans... The 90s bring a sense of nostalgia to your Ultra5280 team so we jumped at the opportunity to see a couple of our favorite 90s artists. There's nothing better than whipping out a picnic blanket, cracking open a beer and letting the sweet sounds of the 90s cascade all over you. If you weren't at the Denver Botanic Gardens last Monday then you were missing out. 

Anyone raised in the 90s could attest to the sheer amount of influence these 4 musicians held during that decade. They set the standard for what it meant to have a hit song in the early 2000's. All of the radio favorites had one thing in common and that was that they were catchy and upbeat, nostalgic of good times... Because they were all catchy, we knew every single word to them, even if we hate to admit it. We bet that anyone reading this could finish this lyric, "Shut the door baby..." and that's because you don't forget poetic genius.. or a song about one night stands when you're in your teens. We'll go with poetic genius though. 

Uncle Kracker played his hit songs but also peppered in some cult classics and had the crowd happy and singing wonderfully off cue. There's something to be said about a musician that can read the crowd and feed off of their energy. He made everyone smile :) 

Better Than Ezra had everyone swooning. He's got swagger... there's no denying that. Everyone ranging from ages 17-65 were staring at him mouth agape ready to pounce if given the chance. Not only is he sexy as hell, but he's also hilarious. That coupled with his rockin dance moves had us wondering why we ever grew up and left the 90s. We'll be back to catch this tour again.. if only to see BTE. *sigh *swoon 

Sugar Ray is down right hilarious. He's got that grown up child-star mentality but still seems like he has his head on right. He had everyone singing along, remembering high schools parties and nostalgic memories from the past. It was as if nothing had changed, besides everyone being roughly 20 years older and instead of worrying about what happened on Saved By The Bell we were worrying about work the next morning.

The 90s were this magical bubble of time where we were all still young enough to not know our Furbies were plotting against us but old enough to say F*&^ it we're gonna listen to Sugar Ray and spike our hair with Ice anyways. Anything went during the 90s and that was the same during this tour. They played nothing but the hits and it was nothing short of a good time.