Music | Westword Music Showcase | Review and Photos

Another Westword Showcase goes down in the books. Each year it amazes us at how brilliant and talented our local artists are. We are so lucky to have such a diverse and well-rounded group of musicians that call Denver home. It is because of them and the talented people over at Westword that we are able to enjoy amazing events like the Westword Music Showcase.

Like the sex of Kimye's future baby, we have our opinions on the entire matter (*spoiler alert: it's a boy!):

Westword executed the Showcase with flawless precision. That's no easy feat considering the sheer amount of guests that attended coupled with the astonishing amount of alcohol consumed throughout the day. Normally when you add mobs of 20 something-year-olds and liquor the outcome is not: group dance party to Flume... But Denver's mob mentality is that of pure happiness and love for music. Just another reason why we love you Denver...*sigh*. 

Our standout acts include: Kitty Crimes, Ancient Elk, Wild High, Wheelchair Sports Camp, Turner Jackson, The Epilogues, Poet's Row, Robert DeLong, Misterwives, The Black Angels, In The Whale, Land Lines, Champagne Charlie, CRL CRRLL and Ivory Circle.

Highlights from the showcase include: receiving a hug from the drummer of Champagne Charlie post set. Let's just say he was one step past just-ran-a-marathon-sweaty. Swing dancing to Turner Jackson's set at City Hall and dancing on stage during Flume's headlining performance.

Tips for next year: Don't have a birthday the day before the Showcase. Do sleep in and eat a well balanced breakfast of anything other than only champagne. Don't wear pants or anythings black. Do lather up generously with sunscreen, SPF 45 encouraged. Do take lots of photos and use the hashtag: westwordshow. Don't jaywalk and talk on the phone at the same time. Do tip your bartenders well.

Lastly, lets all end with a moment of silence for the Arby's on the corner of 11th and Broadway. You will be missed but never forgotten. RIP.


Turner Jackson's Red Plastic Cup (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

Champagne Charlie (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

Flume (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

Misterwives (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

Black Angels (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

CRL CRRLL (Photo Credit: Andrew Rios)

Robert Delong (Photo Credit: Andrew Rios)

Wheelchair Sports Camp (Photo Credit: Andrew Rios)

Some local Denver Bad Asses (Photo Credit: Andrew Rios)

Black Angels (Photo Credit: Andrew Rios)