Music | Rossonian | Late Kids | Album Review

Being a late kid is something that a lot of "kids" in our wish-washy generation of graphic designers and freelance whatevers can relate to. We're a generation that was raised on hide-n-go-seek and dial up internet. Where having a a cordless phone was a sign of class and our expansive CD collection was one place we could continually rely on for solace. Rossonian has captured our angst and confusion and bottled it up into one comprehensive disk aptly entitled, "Late Kids".

The best way to describe this album as a cohesive whole is to say that it is a matured soundtrack to my awkward teen years..where braces and unrequited love was rampant. But matured in a sense that it mimics my cry for "belonging" that my twenties have brought. Stuck in the purgatory between being an adult and still wanting to call our parents each time we get a flat tire.

The first song on the album is "Late Kids" which is reminiscent of 90's rock. It's groovy, careless and catchy. A perfect introduction to the album and a glimpse into what Rossonian is all about. This transitions us into one of their more mellow tracks, "In The Summer" which unsurprisingly is our new summer anthem. It's a little more indie-electro and personally, the sound that I appreciate most from Rossonian. The third song on the 5 song album is "Stressed Out" which transports me to angsty car rides with my Walkman and my cheek pressed aggressively to the car window... (Don't talk to me mom, you don't know me)... "The Truth" and "Sidewalks" are the last songs on the album. Both are laid-back and in the same indie-electro vein as "In The Summer". "Sidewalks" is an experiential conclusion and surprisingly my favorite song on the album. Definitely a sound and conclusion that left me hungry for more.

As a comprehensive whole, the album is great. It dips and vibes through decades of strife and ends poetically in the present. A unique sound from some Late Kids dedicated to the craft of music production. We're excited to see where their talents take them. Hopefully to some local shows around the Denver Scene!