Gardens & Villa | Larimer Lounge | Review

Last night Gardens and Villa played the Larimer Lounge. The Larimer Lounge has to be one of my favorite venues in Denver, possibly due to it’s the overabundance of PBR drinking hipsters, the small intimate feel the venue lends, or maybe it’s just the fact that really great (really understatedly great) music comes through; either way, it all adds to a certain experience.

While Miley was undoubtedly twerking her heart out just a few short miles away at the Pepsi Center last night, Gardens and Villa packed the house and delivered a fucking great show. Kicking the show off was a band based out of Berkeley, CA, called Waterstrider. They were weird, and quirky and I loved their entire set. Anyone who can cover Little Dragon, and pull it off, gets major points in my book. By the time Gardens and Villa came out, the whole venue was packed tight. There’s just something about a sold out show and a band that is there simply to deliver good music, without all the fuss. It also doesn’t hurt that Chris Lynch(lead vocals) can play the flute like every 15 year old band geek only wishes they could. Basically their set was full of some awesome flute solos, as much synth as a girl could ever want (which is a lot) and it was all around a great show.

I highly recommend seeing Gardens and Villa next time they hit up the 303 because they really have it goin on. They are currently on tour and will be playing a handful of dates during SXSW.