Glowing House | EP Review

It's no secret that Denver is a hub for indie gold and an act that’s fairly hard not to fall in love with is a local married duo by the name of Glowing House. Comprised of talented musicians, a picture perfect couple and songs so haunting the lyrics will stick with you long after you doze off to sleep; Glowing House is one local band you don’t want to over look.

They’re putting in the hours and making their dream happen. After recently returning from a European tour they went straight to finishing their new EP and scheduling shows around town. We had the pleasure of getting a first look at their new songs and we have two words to describe them, enlighteningly sad. Jess Parsons, one of the lead vocalist says it perfectly, “We like sad songs that sound happy and happy songs that sound sad.” Their new EP dances off of sad subject matter with a jovial twist. You never know how you’re “suppose” to feel. But, that’s the beauty of art. Which is exactly what their new EP is; a combination of talent, strewn together to create something uniquely haunting.

Although only 3 songs deep, their EP spotlights each musician’s talent seamlessly. Steve Varney’s voice has a sandpapery texture, which is very prominent in “Riding The Ripple.” It’s primal, in a caveman meets Ben Gibbard kind of way and we totally dig it. This song shows a different range from Steve that the others fail to showcase, which is some raw, uncut emotion. At the end of the song, we wanted to cry and couldn’t understand why. Maybe because it was over…

Jess Parsons' dreamy voice shines during, “Balance With Me.” Not quite a love song, we’re unable to pin it’s roots of sadness. We all know what it feels like to lose control over a situation and traipse that tightrope of sanity, “with (your) feet on the rope and arms spread out wide.” Whether that be from a relationship or just life in general, it is oh so relatable.

Their third song, “Getting Thrown” is similar to other things we’ve heard from Glowing House. The duo’s melodic chemistry is uncanny as they synth and slither into your heart. Listening to their new EP as a whole tells a story of getting thrown down, chugging whiskey and taking life on head first.

Looking for more from Glowing House? They’re playing a show at the Hi-Dive tonight with Kyle James Hauser and The Centennial. Get your tickets here:


-McClain Morris