Superhumanoids | Larimer Lounge | June 13

I became familiar with the Silverlake scene that birthed Local Natives and Kisses when I started visiting friends in LA earlier this year. The Superhumanoids, a four piece dream-pop composition from the very same scene I’ve grown to love, played last night at Larimer Lounge and brought the radical soul of Silverlake to Denver.

As I’ve expressed before, bands with lots of electronic components usually blow it live. I knew that the Superhumanoids wouldn’t be all that much of a visual treat as far as performance energy goes – but I was pleasantly surprised by their ability to live up to the perfectly mixed tracks of their latest album “Exhibitionists.”  In my opinion, the tunes live were better than the album.

The set started off with “Geri” – my favorite song which includes a perfect balance of both male and female harmonies. The punchy drum-beats and vibrating synths coalesce into the perfect theme song for a moody John Hughes movie.

The jams, laden with digital accents and lots of reverb, are a recipe for getting lost. The set-list flowed in such a way that really blended all of the songs into a beautiful soundscape. “Too Young for Love” came on as I chatted with another (quite handsome) Superhumanoids fan who ironically was mid-sentence in the question, “So… how old are you?”

It’s like they knew.

While I was enjoying the music so much, I nearly didn’t recognize another soul in the room – I was a bit disappointed with the lack of energy on the stage. Although they are still mesmerizing through the interaction with their instruments, the Superhumanoids should definitely think about changing it up.

Superhumanoids (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

Singer and keyboardist Sarah is far too adorable and talented to be squared up behind that keyboard. After the show, I asked the fans what they thought – and the consensus was generally the same.  There needs to be more interaction and chemistry between the band members if they want to take this to the next level.

The band put on a show that you and your suburban Catholic parents could bond over. The transcendental nature of the lyrics, rhythms, and melodies will satisfy both your parents’ insatiable love for the Eighties as well as your 20-something  “what’s next?” attitude.

When I was chatting it up with hot-stuff, I also realized that they put on a perfect date-show for music lovers. Their music is subtle and romantic, yet haunting and pensive. The Superhumanoids would be my go-to if dream-pop ever need be defined.

The quartet ended their set with a Nine Inch Nails cover that absolutely blew my mind. Incorporating funk riffs and R&B style vocals, I’d recommend checking them out just to inhale that Earth shattering jam.

If you plan on making any mix tapes, doing drugs, making love or simply unwinding, “Exhibitionists” needs to be radiating from every speaker in sight.


Setlist: Geri | So Strange | Hey Big Bang | Flipping Out | Bad Weather | A Ghost | Black Widow | Free State | Too Young For Love | Encore: March Of Pigs (NIN Cover)