The Epilogues: Cinematics | Album Review

Denver based indie/dance outfit The Epilogues are set to drop their new album, Cinematics, a month early for us Coloradoans on October 6th at a Record Release Party taking place at Summit Music Hall. The album will be released on homegrown label Greater Than Collective.

We had a chance to get our hands on Cinematics last week during their listening party and have been playing it for the past few days.  The Epilogues are not strangers to the Denver music scene, in fact, some have described them as “one of the hardest working” music acts around.  I have had the privilege to see them live on a few occasions and can say that their live shows are energetic and lively.  The band consists of Chris Heckman on vocals and guitar, Jason Hoke on drums, Jeff Swoboda on bass, and Nate Hammond on keyboards.  

Cinematics is a record that describes the blood, sweat and tears it takes to be successful in a saturated city full of talent. The record conjures up an emotionally charged battle cry letting us know that The Epilogues have arrived and are here to stay.

From the opening track it is easy to make comparisons to the Silversun Pickups, in fact it is astounding how similar Heckman and Brian Aubert, Silversun Pickups front man, sound. I hate to make comparisons but this it is completely accurate. On “The Shadow King”, the opening guitar is accompanied by an infectious drumbeat that carries the song and makes for an impressive opener.

Chris Heckman of The Epilogues during The UMS (Photo Credit: Robert Castro)

With influences on this album channeling that of early Smashing Pumpkins, it is the distortion-driven guitar riffs and complimenting bass, keys and drums that make every song on this album radio-friendly and infectious.

On the fourth track listeners will recognize “Hunting Season”, a track that has been a staple on 93.3’s rotation for sometime now.  The same can be said for “The Fallout”, whose video still haunts me today (see below). 

Overall, you get a sense of musical maturity by the foursome along with raw pasion. Though it took some time to put out a new album, the production was spot on and really captured the message of the album. Cinematics will take you on a journey that will have you hitting the repeat button over and over again.