The Killers | Battle Born | Album Review

It has been a while since The Killers graced us with there ever so delightful arena rock anthems, we have all come to love…. or hate (insert Sam’s Town).  Well, the boys from Vegas are back with their new album Battle Born and upon first listen, I can say that the production on the album fails to disappoint. While it is hard to trump Hot Fuss, which had a more dance/new wave feel, Battle Born seems to take us on a voyage from beginning to end, an album that seems to fit like a perfect puzzle. 

With Brandon Flowers once again commanding vocal duties, it is his recognizable voice that carries the album. Joining him is Ronnie Vanucci Jr. on drums, Mark Stoerner on bass, and Dave Keuning on guitar.  This is their fourth studio album that was recorded in their hometown studio in Las Vegas.

 On the first track he asks, “What are you made of…?” demanding the chorus of the track “Flesh and Bone”.  The first single off the album “Runaway” displays some very intricate and carefully masterful guitar play from Keuning and bassist Stoerner. The track has been getting heavy radio play and soon will have us all singing it in our sleep. With Flowers belting out the chorus, it is his story telling that seems to get lost in translation as it is carefully put together from the beginning of the song until the final guitar riff. On "From Here On Out", Flowers channels his inner Petty and Springsteen with a song that would seem fit for a cross-country trip through middle America.

A sense of musical maturity has been established on this album and having the right people behind the mixing boards can truly give it it’s dynamic sound. Gone are the dance-friendly tracks in favor of the epic anthems and songs of heartbreak that they seem to be churning out today.

I would say that I do favor the sound on Hot Fuss and Sawdust a bit more, but Battle Born will give any fan of The Killers a new sound of experimentation that every band toys with during their career at one point. I would rate this album a solid 8 out of 10.

Fans can check out their live American Express UNSTAGED performance tonight:

Also, they are getting ready to head out on tour with its first stop right here in Colorado at The 1st Bank Center on  November 29th with Tegan and Sara. More info can be found here.