Ikey Owens of The Mars Volta with Guests | Unit E. | August 7

With Mr. Jack White spending a couple days in the Mile High City, rumors were running rampant as to secret shows he may or may not have been playing. Wednesday all across the Twitter and Facebook universe the talk was about him showing up somewhere at sometime. One particular rumor was that he would be joining his current touring keyboardist Ikey Owens (of The Mars Volta) at Unit E. on Santa Fe.  I mean it only made sense right? As it turns out Mr. White didn't show up, but those who did show up were fortunate enough to see one hell of an impromptu jam session featuring Ikey and some very talented Denver musicians. Those who performed the all improv show are listed below.

Malgosia Stacha of Holophrase (Photo credit Marika Garcia)

Keys- Ikey Owens (The Mars Volta)

Vocals, Synth, and Noise- Kyle Gray (Rubedo)

Vocals- Malgosia Stacha (Holophrase)

Trumpet- Wesley Watkins (Air Dubai)

Trumpet- Joshua Trinidad (Go Star)

Sax- Armando Lopez (The Ruckus)

Guitar- Alex Trujillo (Rubedo)

Bass- Enoc Torraca (Panal)

Upright Bass- Zach Antonio (Scatter Gather)

Percussion- Cody Schlueter (Abstract Collective)

Drums- Gregg Ziemba (Rubedo)

Wesley Watkins (Photo credit Marika Garcia)

Joshua Trinidad of Go Star (Photo credit Marika Garcia)

Kyle Gray of Rubedo (Photo credit Marika Garcia)