Quintessential USA Playlist


I decide to browse my music library and come up with a true American music playlist.

Party In The USA | Miley Cyrus:  I mean who doesn't like to have a party in the USA, we are always down to celebrate anything, anytime, anywhere. This song is truly one of my guilty pleasures.

Born In The USA | Bruce Springsteen:  Who else personifies the USA better than The Boss. We can thank this man for coining to overused term "Like a Boss",  as well as letting us know that New Jersey does exist.

God Bless The USA | Lee Greenwood: Can we officially label this the Redneck Anthem, Lee Greenwood takes us on a cross country trip belting out lyrics that makes you want crack open a cold one.  ...from Detroit down to Houston...from New York to LA....git some'

Banned In The USA | 2 Live Crew:  Uncle Luke was always known to cross "that line", during the Miami bass era, none was more evident than the controversy he and his crew brought.  His version of "Born in the USA" takes on the man toe-to-toe. This is not China..This is not Russia..This is AMERICA!

Surfin' U.S.A. | The Beach Boys: This song paints a perfect picture of California palm trees and cool breeze. The original California anthem before Dre and Pac hit us with California Love. 

R.O.C.K. In The USA | John Mellencamp:  While Surfin' USA was a West Coast anthem "The Cougar" gives us the Midwestern Anthem. I mean who doesn't like to rock out while in Indiana.

Firework | Katy Perry: What is more synonymous than buying 4th of July $5 Old Navy shirts and our Independence Day...fireworks duh. I think I once saw Katy Perry have sparklers emitting from her chest, something all Americans should be proud of.

America | Neil Diamond:  Before his cameo roles in the American Pie movies, Neil Diamond was releasing hits all over this great nation. I mean we all wondered what the genre Adult Contemporary always meant. Thanks to this man (and Elton John I guess) he gave us those songs we all have on our iPods, yet skip when we are in the general public.

Bleed American | Jimmy Eat World: Not sure what this really has to do with America besides the title.

Living In America | The Sounds: Nothing says America than a bunch of Swedes reminding us of how sucky it is to live in their own country. This tune is catchy and as Americans isn't that what we love..cough cough Ke$ha.

American Girl | Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers: This song is the typical "girl next door" song. We all hope that girl shows up at our doorstep one day with fresh baked cookies and a six pack of Budweiser.

Young Americans | David Bowie: Everybody has that one Bowie song in their arsenal, for me it Young Americans, for some reason this reminds me of all those cheesy 80's movies. 

American Pie | Don Mclean: No explanation needed for this one. Well I take it back, Madonna you ruined this song, I will never forgive you. It was truly the day the music died.

Living In America | James Brown: Apollo Creed prancing around in his red, white and blue shorts right before being crushed by Ivan Drago. It made me hate Russia, I don't anymore thanks to Maria Sharapova