Wilco at Red Rocks: June 22

Jeff Tweedy serenading the Red Rocks crowd (photo credit Robert Castro)

The last time I saw Wilco was at Bonnaroo while laying in a field on a hot and humid day in Tennessee. I was certain that I was in the perfect environment to hear the humming tunes of Jeff Tweedy and the rest of Wilco, however, I didn’t know of Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Friday was a brutally hot day and the evening wasn’t as generous as it normally is at Red Rocks but the temperature dropped to a tolerable degree and with the wind blowing I had forgotten about how thirsty I was for ice water. 

It was Wilco’s first stop on their tour, playing two nights at Red Rocks. With Punch Brothers opening the first night and Dr. Dog opening the second, Coloradoans certainly got their money’s worth. Punch Brothers (check out their photos here) started the evening with the sun shining and some good ol' bluegrass. Looking dapper in their suits and suspenders, I'm certain they were drenched after their set.

Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy (photo credit Robert Castro)When 9:30 rolled around, Wilco's set began with “One Sunday Morning” followed by “Poor Places” and “Art of Almost”, which Nels Cline rocked the ___ out for a solid three and a half minutes. It’s always expected that an artist mentions something about the altitude and the abundance of herbal remedies in the great state of Colorado. Jeff Tweedy jokingly mentioned his struggle to find Advil while in Boulder but weed wasn’t an issue. That comment made for a great segway into “I Must Be High”. The set was familiar from their last tour; draped cloth lit with tealights, it was smiple and intimate.

Although the first night didn’t sell out, the Saturday show with Dr. Dog gave those that missed Friday the opportunity to hang out with Wilco at Red Rocks. Below is a setlist for both nights. If you have a favorite photo from the night, upload it to our Facebook wall.


Setlist Night One: June 22

One Sunday Morning | Poor Places | Art of Almost | I Might | Side With The Seeds | Spiders (Kidsmoke; Acoustic Arrangement) | Impossible Germany | Born Alone | Open Mind | Handshake Drugs | Whole Love | I Must Be High | I'm Always In Love | Heavy Metal Drummer | I'm The Man Who Loves You | Dawned On Me | A Shot In The Arm | Via Chicago | Remember The Mountain Bed | California Stars (w/Punch Brothers on mandolin, fiddle, acoustic guitar, banjo and upright bass and taking all solos) | Theologians | Monday | Outtasite (Outta Mind) | Hoodoo Voodoo (w/ bass/guitar/keyboard tech Josh on cowbell)

Setlist Nigh Two: June 23

Misunderstood | Art Of Almost | I Might | At Least That's What You Said | You Are My Face | One By One | Impossible Germany | Born Alone | Laminated Cat (aka Not For The Season) (electric arrangement) | Radio Cure | Passenger Side | Whole Love | Box Full Of Letters |Summer Teeth | Capitol City  | War On War | Dawned On Me | Hummingbird | Forget The Flowers | Jesus, etc. | Hate It Here | The Late Great Kingpin ("livin' in Morrison") | I'm The Man Who Loves You | Red-Eyed And Blue | I Got You (At The End of the Century) | Casino Queen | Dreamer In My Dreams