Flashbulb Fires: Gasconoder : Review and Upcoming Show

Here at Ultra5280 we get our good share of CD’s/Albums/LP’s/EP’s/MP3’s...you get the picture. I had a chance to see a bunch of awesome bands during my recent trip to SXSW, some good, some bad, some that have been under the radar for me.  During the Reverb Showcase I had a chance to catch a rather early set from Flashbulb Fires, right from the get-go I enjoyed their set, I came back home with a list of bands I needed to get more familiar with and high on that list was Flashbulb Fires.   

From time to time we come across a gem, thus the case from local boys Flashbulb Fires.  Gasconader takes me back to a time when I remember listening to my parent’s Motown collection on vinyl, it also conjures up my first love for groups such as Oasis.  In fact upon first listen it was as if Brit-Pop and Motown made love and had this wonderful child that gives Flashbulb Fires their unique sound.  The similarities between Oasis are evident on the first couple tracks where lead vocalist Patrick McGuire channels his inner Liam Gallagher (or is it Noel) to give us a joyful, easy to listen to sound.  The overall album gives us seven tracks that provide layers upon layers of different flavors of musical varieties.  On the track “Marathon” the chorus hauntingly takes us on a voyage and sounds hauntingly similiar to “Change (In The House of Flies)” by The Deftones. The dark eerie undertones gives us an example of the ambiguity the band brings to the table.

(press photo)Overall I was very impressed with this album, as fans of the music community we should feel honored to know that bands like Flashbulb Fires are right in our own backyard.  Go pickup your copy of Gasconader on iTunes or at one of their upcoming shows. Check out the video for "The Whale" below. They will be playing an intimate set at Rooster and Moon this upcoming Saturday May 19th, click here for more information.