M83 at The Ogden: 4/30 : Review

One of last year’s most celebrated albums would have to have been "Hurry Up, I’m Dreaming" by indie blog darlings M83. Continuing to ride the wave of their successful album, Anthony Gonzales and company brought a show that already had the crowd buzzing as one of the best they have seen this year. The sold-out crowd enjoyed a two-hour set filled with strobes and a simple stage that lit up with the performance. Gonzales came out with the haunting mask that he has been known to wear during the opening set, as the piano riffs of “Intro” blasted throughout the venue. Flanked by the lovely Morgan Kibby, his talented brother Yann Gonzalez, and drummer Loîc Maurin, most of the songs played came from "Hurry Up, I’m Dreaming" as well as a few from "Before Dawn Heals Us" and "Saturdays=Youth".  

The emotion that Gonzales brings to their sound was apparent during “We Own The Sky”, which takes on a much different rendition when performed live. The crowd sang as Morgan Kibby belted out the chorus of “It’s coming, It’s coming now...”, one of the highlights of the evening. They saved their best for “Midnight City” as the one specific lyric hit home “..the city is my church”; it’s as if everybody in the venue was praising grace to the disco glam of the song.

As M83’s first headlining shows in the Mile High City, I am certain that we will be seeing them again soon, hopefully next time at Red Rocks.


Intro | Teen Angst | Graveyard Girl | Reunion | Sitting | Year One, One UFO | We Own The Sky | Steve McQueen | Wait | Fall | Bright Flash | Midnight City | Guitar & A Heart | Don’t Save Us | Skin | Couleurs