Mark Foster of Foster The People, Kimbra and DJ A-Trak: Warrior: Video

"Warrior" is part of Converse's ongoing Three Artists. One Song music series. Three dynamic and distinct artists, Mark Foster of the break-out band Foster The People, rising star Kimbra, and trendsetting DJ A-Trak have written, recorded and produced the new single. Directed by Daniels--the two-man directorial team who've previously infused their energetic style, humor and love of special effects to music videos for Foster the People--the video for "Warrior" takes place in a colorful alternate universe. The storyline follows our heroes Mark Foster, Kimbra and A-Trak who've been captured to be a part of the underground movement of Mexican wrestling, and ultimately break free with some great moves. With the sport's traditional colorful masks and costumes--the use of bold colors in the music video reflects the new collection of fluorescent Chuck Taylor All Star shoes available exclusively at Journeys.