Air Dubai at SXSW: Review

In all my years that I have attended SXSW, I have never seen a stronger contingent of Colorado bands representing. This year brought some of the best that our state has to offer. With a couple of Colorado based showcases, it was easy to catch some of the bands we are accustomed to seeing back home. One band in particular was the guys from Air Dubai, I was anxious to see the reaction from the crowd in Austin for their performance since I know what they are capable of. One of their first stops, (in fact it was their second show that day), was at The Blind Pig, this venue sits interestingly on a patio facing the famous Sixth Street in Austin. I was able to arrive early and meet some other Denver folks including members of My Body Sings Electric, The Epiloques, In The Whale, Mr. Right, and others. The band had one of those performances that I will rant about for days. It was full of hype, energy, and passion, having strangers ask me who these talented musicians were. I have never seen the band do an encore, but the crowd ate up the Dubai vibe so they chanted for more. Aside from the encore, one lucky lady was serenaded for her birthday, something she’ll never forget.  I didn’t get a chance to see the rest of Air Dubai’s shows, but I am sure they left the same impression on Texas as they did this night. Well done guys, well done.