Los Campesinos! at The Bluebird-1/30: Review

Zac Pennington of Parenthetical Girls (photo credit Kyle Risner)

Following them quickly to the stage was headliners Los Campesinos! Formed in 2006 at Cardiff University in Wales, Los Cs are currently on their fourth album released in November, 2011, “Hello Sadness.” Though you may not know the name Los Campesinos!, it’s likely that you’d recognize their song “Hold On Now, Youngster” from the Budweiser commercial which first aired in April 2011.

With a wide variety of instruments and boundless energy, indie pop band Los Campesinos! wasted no time moving into their first song. Not a single member of the band was motionless throughout the entire set as their energy and enthusiasm easily flowed to the crowd. Lead singer Gareth was at ease interacting with the crowd, getting several laughs on more than one occasion, educating the crowd on the differences between various British accents. For their encore, “Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks,” Gareth jumped into the crowd, prompting a sing along, dancing around with fans for the entirety of the song. Playing for well over an hour, you couldn’t help but smile at the jovial music and obvious fun the band was having. Without a doubt, Los Campesinos! was a pleasant surprise and got a great response from the Denver crowd. They deserve every praise for their energy and thankfulness to the crowd. If you haven’t listened to this band yet, do it. You won’t regret it.



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Los C's (photo credit Kyle Risner)