Taking Back Sunday with Bayside | October 14 | The Ogden

The scene kids trickled in throughout Mansions set, who was at their last show of the tour with Bayside and Taking Back Sunday. Shortly after, Bayside took the stage. Taking the stage with power and force, Bayside puts on nothing short of an incredible show for a band that's already been around for nearly twelve years. Based out of New York like their tour mates, Bayside is somewhat of a staple in the alternative rock scene, continuing to draw in new and old fans every year with their heavy tour regimen. Lead singer Anthony Raneri's unique vocal tone gives a bluesy feel to many of the group's songs, which is one of the main reasons I find myself so enthralled with their sound. Playing a slew of fan favorites like "Montauk", "Blame It On Bad Luck", "Carry On", and ending with "Devotion & Desire", fans were screaming along to every word. Although they didn't play any new songs, the band did just announce the release of a new cover record due out later this month.

Bayside (Photo Credit: Maddie Casey)

 Waiting for Taking Back Sunday I was immediately thrusted back in time; being 16 and driving around in my friend’s red Jetta that I swore smelled like crayons. “You’re So Last Summer” spoke loudly to a kid with no love experience, but we pretended anyway. The entire Taking Back Sunday album, “Tell all your friends”, was an anthem album and the success the band has seen from it has been monumental. Although my taste in music has evolved over the years, it’s fascinating how you never forget. I hadn’t heard that album in well over five years but you never forget the words and the flood gates open to memories and feelings. The venue was outrageously packed with an interesting age range, from kids with x’s on their hands to others close to 30, all anticipating Taking Back Sunday. Adam Lazzara commanded the stage with his near-death tricks with his mic and his heart-felt lyrics. John Nolan’s backup locals added fuel to the flame, adding that touch. Towards the end of the hour-ish set, Lazzara pulled some Houdini tricks and ended up on the balcony which had the upper crowd ecstatic and us below puzzled as to where he went. Although in their early thirties, the guys of Taking Back Sunday put on a nostalgic show that brought back some great memories.

Maddie & Amanda

Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday (Photo Credit: Matt Smith)

Taking Back Sunday (Photo Credit: Matt Smith)

Taking Back Sunday played to a sold out Ogden crowd this past Sunday (Photo Credit: Matt Smith)