Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr at The Hi-Dive: September 6, 2011: Review

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. at The Hi-Dive: September 6, 2011: Review

Robert Castro

One of my favorite bands that I have had on repeat lately has been Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., when word got out that they were starting their Fall tour in the Mile High City I was going to make sure I didn’t miss it.  Ultra5280’s own Amanda Spilos had a chance to interview them a few weeks ago and they talked a little abut touring, read the interview here.  Opening was Paperbird side project The Eye & The Arrow, whose American-Folk sound captivated the audience with their meaningful lyrics and complementing sound.  Next up was Le Divorce; first thing that comes to mind when I hear this band is Hole.  Kitty Vincent commands the stage much like the Courtney Love minus the raunchiness we have all come to love or hate.  I would describe the sound as if L7 got together with PJ Harvey and had a love child named Luscious Jackson.

The vibe was set for headliners Dale Earnhardt Jr.Jr.; they managed to incorporate VIP area known as the Corporate Lounge (a roped off area surrounded by velvet ropes and massaging chairs).  With the wooden “JR” light boxes adorning the stage they broke into their set rocking their Detroit Tigers Starter satin jackets with much energy and crowd participation.  This is definitely a band that loves to have fun on the stage.  With catchy dance electro numbers it is almost guaranteed a dance party is going to take place, such was the case at the Hi-Dive.  At one point they set the mood by turning on the black lights and changed into their neon colored checkered jackets that set up for quite the visual experience.  Proclaiming their love for Denver they went on to describe the last time they were in Denver and enjoyed their fair share of cocktails at City O’ City.  One thing is for certain Denver loves Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. and they love us back.

Almost Lost
An Ugly Person On A Movie Screen
Morning Thought
When I Open My Eyes
If It Wasn’t You
Corporate World
Don’t Tell Me
Simple Gal
Vocal Chords
I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Whitney Houston Cover)
Nothing But Our Love

Higher Love (Steve Winwood Cover)