The Epilogues BBQ: Inca House Collective Launch Party

Sean Foreman of 3oh!3 chats it up with Kamtin Mohager of The Chaingang of 1974

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Sunday if you weren't at The Larimer Lounge you missed an opportunity to catch some of the most talented musicians in the Denver Area.  A who's who of Denver's elite were on display not only playing but also in attendance.  It was also a springboard for the newly launched Inca House Collective.  What exactly is the Inca House Collective?  According to their Facebook page it is:

The Inca House Collective is a way for Denver-based artists and businesses to combine their resources and create a mutually-beneficial coalition. It began as a few musicians helping each other out with things like design and booking, but has since blossomed into a larger network that encompasses anything from endorsements and promotion to recording and merchandising. The concept is simple... at it's foundation, the Inca House Collective is a family, a network of people working together for the greater good of all involved, as well as the greater good of Denver's artistic community. Everyone involved in the collective has something unique to offer, and by pooling these resources, the Inca House Collective is able to afford those involved opportunities that would be unavailable or unaffordable otherwise. Although it began as part of the music scene, the Inca House Collective is eagerly branching out around Denver, and is already in the process of joining forces with clothing companies, graphic artists, bars/restaurants, promoters, etc. It is our hope that as the collective continues to grow, so too will parties involved, and we can continue to make Denver one of the top artistic cities in the country.

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