Pretty Lights At Red Rocks August 13, 2011: Review

PRETTY LIGHTS REVIEW--Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, CO
by Laura Millerick

(photo credit Kyle Risner)

Starting off with “Hot Like Sauce,” Derek’s set was a good mix of older songs, new stuff, and great remixes.  He had absolutely no trouble keeping the energy at its peak, going through heavier songs like “Keep Em Bouncin” before slowing it down with “Still Moving” and “More Important Than Michael Jordan.”  The remix of “Fly Like an Eagle” really got the heads bobbing which he followed up with an all new unreleased country remix.  The older songs absolutely got everyone going, but it was the new beats that really seemed to get the masses and Smith mutually excited.  Both the crowd and Smith fed off each other all night, making the atmosphere completely electric.