Westword Music Showcase: Review

The Summer music season has officially begun! In many ways the Westword Music Showcase is the launching pad for a season's worth of musical bliss around the mile-high.  This year we made our way to the 17th annual Westword Music Showcase in hopes of catching the next big thing out of Denver as well as some national acts we have all become familiar with.

Traitors to the Queen at Stoney's

Murder by Death at WMS 2011
We headed to the mainstage to hear Murder By Death, hailing from Indiana. We also had the opportunity to hit Vinyl for a rooftop DJ set in the afternoon. boyhollow was there, tearing it up as usual. We danced for awhile and then headed to City Hall to catch Pirate Signal and Air Dubai. Pirate Signal's set was cut off right at the beginning of their last song due to technical difficulties, but they spent a few mintues getting things back together and went out with a bang, seamlessly throwing down "I Can't Wait" for the local crowd. You can catch them at City Hall again this Friday for Global Dance Battle of the Bands as they compete for a performance spot at this year's Global Dance Fest. 
Pirate Signal at City Hall

Jon Shockness of Air Dubai

Chromeo at WMS 2011

Overall, this years Westword Music Showcase was a killer blend of local and national acts, bringing announced attendance of over 13,000. It is evident that this festival is starting to build steam; could a possible 2 day festival be in Denver's future? We will have to wait and see.