Miami Horror, Flashlights, and Steffi Graf at The Bluebird: Review

Steffi Graf plotting to electrify the Bluebird crowd.

Miami Horror at The Bluebird

Last up was the nights headliners Miami Horror, if you thought disco was dead think again as these guys brought back memories of John Travolta in an all white suit dancing to The Bee Gees.  With a style all their own this Australian four piece brings a live show incorporating gyrating moves, sexy guitar playing, and a disco dance sound made for our time.  Starting the set off with "Soft Light", sans vocals from Neon Indian's Alan Palomo they blasted through a set of songs off Illumination culminating with a two song encore.  Fitting in comfortably into the intimate venue the crowds energy was enough to propel the band into a set that left no room for error.