The Heyday: Stolen Equipment

Some unfortunate news coming from The Heyday camp, it appears that somebody broke into their van and took all their equipment.  We would love to reach out to our readers to not only be on the lookout but also help us get the band back on it's feet.  We have established a Pay Pal account for donations.  Below is a list of what they have lost:


The Heyday's van was broken into sometime last night with almost all of our equipment inside. PLEASE keep your eye out for any and all items on this list! Please forward to anyone who might recognize any of this gear! 
-Rickenbacker Fireglo Bass
-Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass (Sunburst)
-Epiphone Sheraton Electric Guitar (Sunburst)
-Gibson SG Electric Guitar (Faded Red)
-Orange AD30 Guitar Amp Head
-Marshall Basketweave Guitar Amp Cabinet
-Fender Deville Amp
-SVT Classic Bass Amp Head
-SVT 8x10 Bass Cabinet (Well worn on sides)
-SJC Custom Drum kit (Brown w/ Green hoops)
-Black Beauty Snare Drum
-Pedal Pad Pedal board w/ pedals: Carbon Copy delay, Holy Grail Reverb, Boosta Grande, Orange footswitch, Little Big Muff
-Wood Pedal Board w/ Fulltone fulldrive, Line 6 Delay Modeler and other pedals. 

Simply donate by clicking on the link on the top left of this website.