I Fight Dragons at The Bluebird: 12/4: Review and Interview

It was a blizzard out there, but that didn’t stop the geeks from flocking to the Bluebird Theater for Mr. Right, Skyfox and I Fight Dragons. It was definitely a different sort of crowd, but everyone was ready to rock, if not more so than usual. Starting out the night was Mr. Right, a local group from Denver, who set a great tone. Playing a mix of their own music and some covers, they got the crowd moving and warmed up after coming in from the cold and snow. Their Beastie Boys cover definitely brought a smile to my face. Following up Mr. Right was another local Colorado band, Skyfox, who brought their upbeat punky sound to the stage. With a faster tempo than Mr. Right, Skyfox definitely got people jumping, and provided a great lead in for I Fight Dragons.

Mr. Right

The crowd was definitely waiting for I Fight Dragons, and those guys definitely didn’t disappoint. If you’re unfamiliar with the band, their music is definitely centered on video games, using Nintendo and other game sound effects as the base of most songs. Bill, the one in charge of the game sounds, uses a Guitar Hero controller and a Power Pad to generate a lot of the effects. Their lyrics, though nerdy, are well written and a lot of fun to listen to. I had to laugh a bit though, since I grew up with my original Nintendo and so on, and I realized that most people in the crowd were by far too young to get most of the references in the songs.

Playing a variety of songs from their popular “The Geeks Will Inherit the Earth” to the Zelda theme, I Fight Dragons made everyone in the crowd happy, from the true nerds to the rock fans. Their visual setup is one of the coolest I’ve seen, and Bill’s contraption of video game awesomeness is pure homemade gold. If anyone hasn’t been to an I Fight Dragons show, you should go, because you’ll smile the whole time, whether you bow to video game gods or not.  They were gracious enough to stop by House In Motion Studios for an interview with our own Maddie Casey earlier in the day check it out below.