Future Islands At The Larimer Lounge : November 9 : Review


With the 2011 release of the album “On The Water”, the crowd at the Larimer Lounge took in the performance with gratification, it could easily be hailed as one of the most underrated shows to hit Denver this year.  Fresh of a stint from the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, they played an energetic, sweaty, emotional set that had the venue buzzing well after.  Playing a mix of hits from “On The Water” , “In The Evening Air”, and “Wave Like Home”, the band played for an hour and a half with two encores, courtesy of the energy brought on by the crowd.  Favorites of the night included Tin Man, Little Dreamer and Inch of Dust.  It was apparent that Future Islands growing fan base is incredibly important to them, making a strong connection through their music.  Travis Egedy, known as Pictureplane was in attendance to support his friends.

Listening to Future Islands live took me back to a place that influenced my passion for music; I recalled growing up and listening to my first Joy Division album.  With a sound very reminiscent of Ian Curtis and his band, the comparisons are often made between Future Islands and Joy Division.  The first time I listened to Future Islands a few years ago it conjured up the dark synths and meaningful lyrics that were very familiar.  I want you to experience exactly what I’m talking about; the band’s tour isn’t over until March so I encourage you to check out a show.  They are incredibly talented and down to earth, very relatable on a musical and personal level.