Miami Horror, Boy Hollow, Option4 at the Bluebird Theater: 11/3: Review

November third at the Bluebird was definitely an interesting mix of music, but Denver certainly came ready to dance.  Hailing from Colorado Springs, Option4 opened up the night with some quality house mixes, amping the crowd’s energy level.  He never stopped moving for his entire set, and you couldn’t help but move with the music.  He remixed the likes of Bag Raiders and Duck Sauce to great effect, and I expect that Option4’s name will become more recognizable as time goes on.  Another Colorado native, Boyhollow, brought a bit of a heavier, more dubstep-ish sound to the stage, mixing his first song into the last beats of Option4’s closing number.   Most easily recognizable were his remixes of Cut/Copy and Chromeo, all while playing a variety of music. Boyhollow is one of the hardest working DJs in the Denver area. He is the resident DJ at LipGloss and is constantly spinning four or five nights a week throughout the city. Not only is he a solid DJ with a local following, but a truly humble guy.  He shook hands in the crowd while supporting Miami Horror.

At first, the transition from Boyhollow to Miami Horror seemed strange, going from Boyhollow’s mohawk and electro music to the bouncy group of Australian hipsters.  However, once Miami Horror got their electro disco sound rolling, the transition was seamless.  Much to the crowd’s delight, they played almost continuously for the entire set, with a twenty minute stint.  The energy never faded throughout the night, and they proved to be absolute crowd pleasers.  As the chords faded on their final song, the crowd called for an encore, and got what they asked for.  The encore consisted of two songs, the last being a take on The Talking Heads’ “Once in a Lifetime,” bringing a smile to my face.  But, the crowd wasn’t satisfied just yet, and the cries of “One more song!” were rewarded with a second encore. It was apparent that this crowd wasn’t done with the foursome.  Josh Moriarty, the lead singer, proclaimed that this is why they loved Denver, and the music continued.