Ultra5280: Film

Ultra 5280 Film: Our Ratings System

If you hadn’t heard by now, our plucky little music site is expanding into the world of film!   We’ll be reviewing everything from summer blockbusters to art-house films... from the Academy Awards to DVD releases.

For the time being, we won’t be able to cover every single piece of film that is released to the general public; we don’t quite have the man power! But we will cover as many big motion pictures as we can.

When we review films we’ll be using a slightly different ratings system than you’re used to and we wanted to take this opportunity to explain our quirky system.

Each motion picture that is reviewed will be placed into one of three categories: Flick, Movie, or Film. Once placed in a category, the motion picture will then be rated on a one-to-ten scale within that category.

Heres the catch: there isn’t really a definition for each category, it is more or less a conceptual idea.

Flicks are motion pictures that have little to no artistic merit, and guilty pleasures fall into the higher ranks here as well.

Movies are where you’ll find summer Blockbusters or the rest of the general public’s moviegoing fare. Motion pictures that are built to "wow" audiences with special effects and big budgets.

Films will consist of motion pictures that have some kind of artistic merit, and the higher rated films encompass brilliance through performance, storytelling, cinematography, etc.

One more thing to note, each of these categories is confined within itself. That is to say, a Movie 10 isn’t close to being a Film 1.  A motion picture is hand-picked for a specific category and is rated on the scale within that category.

So there you have it! Like I said, it's a little different than what you're used to but that's what we do here at Ultra 5280, we give an unconventional perspective on music and now film.

---Ian Beavers