Chromeo at The Ogden Theater: October 7, 2011: Review

As the lights began to dim the crowd began to entice Chromeo to the stage with a nod to the Wizard of Oz, chanting “Chrom-E-Oh, Yo ho!”. Luckily the Canadian duo of Patrick Gemayel and David Macklovitch didn’t leave the anxious crowd waiting long. To the untrained eye this pair seems rather mismatched, but the fact they have been playing together for years shows with how well the two play off each other. Mixing the track list up and playing a variety of songs from their newest album Business Casual as well as favorites from Fancy Footwork, the crowd never took a break from dancing or singing along.

Chromeo provides a near endless supply of energy during their performance and shows their appreciation for every fan there by pouring everything they have into every song. Some believe that there isn’t much variety between songs, however, they have figured out a formula that puts a smile on the face of everyone in attendance. Chromeo, making their third appearance in Denver in under a year, brought exactly what was needed on a brisk Friday evening: excitement, energy, and a damn good time!

Chromeo’s Nights Fall Tour is currently at its half-way mark and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. With Mayer Hawthorne (whose newest album, How Do You Do, was just released) opening for Chromeo and providing a smooth R&B/Soul mix to the show things just seem to click together for this tour.